Capstone will keep in contact with you regarding job schedule and progression. Although you have been/will be given a project timeline, please keep in mind that these dates are not set in stone and are subject to change. We do our best to let you know what is going to happen before it does, but depending on material accessibility, weather, current job additions, employee availability etc. your job progression could differ from previously discussed dates and/or times. We do all we can to get each job completed in a timely matter, however our main emphasis is providing quality workmanship to ensure our customers receive the best outcome possible.


A few things you should do prior to us arriving; turn off the breakers to the pool equipment and lights along with moving all furniture, potted plants, and any other movable items out of the way. It is important to keep your pets inside; your gate may remain open while our crews are in your back yard. With any construction, there will be noise and dust; we recommend you close your windows and doors to keep the debris outside

The Drain

 If you currently have water in your pool, we will drain it into your outside sewer. If there is not a sewer drain available, you will be responsible for the disposal of the water. Because of this, we ask that someone is home during the drain. The office will call to schedule this with you.


Our demo crew will show up usually between 7:30-9:00am to get started, unless we’ve made special arrangements. Once demo begins our crew will determine the best way to demo and prep your pool to receive the new finish. This will be loudest and messiest part of the project. Expect a lot of noise and dust.

Structural Work

The structural team will come in to shape your project and install the steel reinforcing. Then shotcrete will be applied to form your new addition.

Baja’s, Grottos, Slides, Waterfalls, Raised Walls and New Spas would all fall under this category.

Plumbing & Electrical

Our crew will remove any unwanted and/our outdated plumbing and electrical items, dig the necessary trenches and run new pvc or conduit to their needed locations. This would include skimmers, sweep lines, drain splits, fill lines, lighting and all pool equipment.

Some pool equipment and new automation may be installed closer to the time of plaster.

Coping & Tile Installation

Once you have made your selections one of our highly skilled masonry crews will arrive with your new materials. A lot of detail goes into the installation of swimming pool coping and tile, we are proud to say we have some of the best crews in the county.

These are our most commonly used materials:
Travertine, Flagstone/Quartzsite & Poured in Place Concrete.


Whether it be forming and pouring all new concrete decking or resurfacing your existing decking, our in-house deck crews will make sure you get the finish you are looking for.


Plaster is a 1-2 day process, here’s some information on your options:

Standard Plaster – (Marcite) Made up of white portland cement and marble dust, this finish is the oldest, least expensive and least durable option.  If you plan on staying in your home for more then 5 years we generally don’t recommend this option unless your budget doesn’t allow other finishes.

Quartz Blend – Made up of natural quartz, one of natures hardest and purest materials.  Enriched with pozzolans and polymers, the Quartz Blend is assured to last twice as long as standard plaster and provide you with a silky smooth finish.

Pebble  – The pebble finish is a textured finish with natural stone aggregate.  It provides a non-slip surface with an earthy look and feel.  Available in a wide arrange of colors, we recommend this finish when wanting a darker color for your pool finish or water color.

Hydrazzo – This hand-polished finish is one of the smoothest, richest, most luxurious surfaces available.  It combines the naturally beautiful, coarse graded crystalline and colored marble, along with a host of performance enhancing ingredients to create the ultimate pool coating


From testing the initial fill water up to the final chemical balance, our pool tech will have your pool looking clean and clear in no time. The start up process includes brushing/vacuuming, filter cleaning and initial chemical balancing.

The average start up process takes about 3-5 days.

*The water chemistry will fluctuate often within the first 30 days of your pool being full.



Give us a call at 619.631.7678 or click below to contact us via our online form. We look forward to speaking with you!

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